Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Enjoy the beauty and warmth of wooden floors in your home or business premises by bringing back natural beauty through sanding and refinishing

Cornwell Services can help you to restore wood floors. We remove scratches and gaps and sand away tired finishes. We match your selected final wood colour and protect the floor with a smooth and elegant wood finish.

Dust-free wood sanding and protective finishes

We skilfully restore wooden floors to their former beauty. We take great care to get back to the natural wood, free from imperfections, before finishing it to suit your tastes. Our wood floor sanding process is managed with floor sanding equipment that’s 99.9% dust-free and completed with a protective wood finish.

Wood floor cleaning and maintenance

Once refinished, regular care with our wood floor maintenance contract can ensure your floor stays beautiful in future and saves you money too. By keeping on top of the situation with a regular visit each year or whenever required, you can prevent heavy damage to the floor, enjoy it looking its best for longer and avoid costly renovation.

Hardwood and softwood floor restoration

Different types of wood floors require different approaches. Each wood restoration project starts with a tailored approach. We offer a professional dust-free sanding and refinishing service for all these types of wooden floors.

Contemporary buildings and private homes often benefit from solid oak floors and other hardwood flooring such as teak and walnut. These natural materials offer a great deal of flexibility with the final colour of the wood ranging from pale grey through honey tones to rich dark brown and of course the option that’s most popular, to retain the natural, neutral tones of the wood. Likewise, wooden floors offer a choice of protective oiled or lacquered finish for a matt or high gloss look.

Historic buildings and period properties were constructed with natural materials, with softwoods such as pine, and featuring hardwoods such as oak and mahogany. Parquet flooring, typically laid in a herringbone pattern, sees its origins in the UK in the 1700s and 1800s in prestigious commercial buildings and impressive private homes through to everyday setting in this century. Today parquet floors can be found as hidden gems beneath worn carpets and overlaid floors during building renovations.

Wood floor sanding and restoration

Restoring engineered wood floors

Cornwell Services can remove grime, worn finishes and scratches by carefully sanding the surface of solid wood floors. Since engineered wood is made with a depth of real wood in its construction, it too can often be refinished, provided great care is taken to remove the minimal amount of the wooden surface. Manufacturers sell this product with the promise that it can be sanded and refinished in future. But of course, with a limited depth of solid wood in the make-up of the floorboard you should limit sanding to around four times during the floors’ lifetime.

We guarantee first class results with a professional work ethic. The floors that we restore look great and will stay that way for many years.

“Saul, thanks so much for bringing my floor back to life! It looks great!”

Jane, Furneux Pelham