wooden floor cleaningIt’s small wonder that wooden floors feature in so many commercial premises and in our homes. Hardwood floors are easy to keep clean and can minimise dust and allergens. Wood has a special warmth and aesthetic appeal too.  

Everyday wooden floor cleaning routines

To keep wooden floors in good condition we recommend that they are regularly swept and cleaned. Dust and debris carry the risk of acting like sandpaper on the surface of the floorboards, which is why sweeping up matters. Spills should be mopped up immediately to prevent water or grease from penetrating into the wood.

It’s a good idea to put felt protector pads on the bottom of chair legs or other furniture to prevent scratching. When moving furniture, it makes sense to ‘lift it to shift it’, as dragging can damage the surface of the wood.

Problems with wooden floors

Even if your wooden floor is regularly cleaned, it can benefit from professional sanding and refinishing to put right any issues such as:

  • Scratches, dents and heel scuffs
  • Discoloration from spills and stains
  • Wax build up or worn away lacquer
  • White spots left by steam cleaning
  • Dirt caught in the previous seal
  • Sunlight causing faded patches
  • High footfall grubby areas

Professional wood floor sanding and refinishing

To bring back the full beauty of a wooden floor Cornwell Services take great care to take the floor back to bare wood by removing tired finishes and smoothing away scuffs, dents and scrapes. Progressively finer grit paper results in a pristine surface. Our equipment enables the process to be 99.9% dust-free. Wide gaps between floorboards are filled with slivers of wood and smaller ones with a filler blended with sawdust for a perfect colour match. After thoroughly vacuuming the floor, it can be treated with oil or lacquer evenly applied along the length of the boards. It’s normally wise to denib (lightly sand) the first layer of finish to ensure it is totally smooth before applying further coats. This process can restore a wooden floor to its most attractive and practical best.

Solid wooden floor cleaning and maintenance – just ask

Cornwell Services is a Hertfordshire-based business and we cover Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and north London. We sand and refinish wooden floors and clean and restore tiled stone floors for homeowners and businesses. Please contact Saul on 07738 022813.