Cleaning travertine tiles can provide a number of challenges. As a natural stone, it has many intricacies. All of which we have become familiar with through our many years in the trade. We specialise in cleaning and restoring travertine tiles. The issues you have may be individual. However, there are certain more general problems that can happen to your Travertine floor. We have put together the following information in order to help guide you through the process of creating a plan to get the most from your stone floor.

Do your tiles tend to attract dirt?

Cleaning Travertine tiles HertfordshireThe cause of this is likely to be related to the previous stone sealers. If incorrect sealing products are used, then they will likely deteriorate quickly. What then happens? If the surface coating is insufficient, then it will mean that soiling will happen. Dirt will become embedded into the floor finish which is incredibly difficult to remove. Normal cleaning methods are likely to achieve less than satisfactory results.

What is the solution for this? You will need to remove all traces of the old sealer products. Our professional stone cleaning machinery strips this back in order to reveal the natural stone underneath. It is important to deep clean the travertine tiles once the seal has been removed. Part of this process is deep cleaning the grout as well. Only once the tiles and grout have been cleaned will a new stone sealer product be applied. We only use the best available products and use our experience and knowledge to carefully select each product.

Do your travertine tiles have pitting and holes?

Travertine floor tiles come in different grades. Some of the more affordable alternatives are more rustic. They are likely to have more holes and groves in the back of the tile. Careful installation will help avoid some pitting and growing holes. However, it is likely that you will experience some of these with Travertine flooring. Dirt will always end up getting trapped in the holes. This will look unsightly. Furthermore, trying to get the dirt out successfully is likely to be a challenge.

We are able to treat larger and smaller holes. Different products can be used in order to fill the holes after the dirt has been removed. These products will fill the hole as well as add structural integrity to the tile once again.

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