Brick floor- stone floor cleaning Great Hormead

Beautiful period properties often have the benefit of stone floors laid from flagstones, quarry tiles or brick. This recent stone floor cleaning project involved cleaning a brick floor in the kitchen of a period property in Great Hormead, Hertfordshire. Since the attraction of a period home is its obvious history and character, the secret when cleaning is to preserve the charm of original stone floor. You don’t want the newly cleaned floor looking out of place against the oak beams by overdoing the shine!

Time to call in the professional brick floor cleaners

Despite the homeowner’s best cleaning attempts, the floor was looking tired and dirty. On inspection, Saul at Cornwell Services could see that the current seal had broken down. Since period clay bricks are porous, the floor was absorbing dirt. That’s a strong indication that a professional floor cleaning service is needed to bring the condition of the floor back to a high standard.

How to deep clean a brick floor

The first thing that Saul did to tackle the problem with this historic yet grubby brick floor was to apply a stripping agent. This works by dissolving the remaining compromised seal. The product was scrubbed into floor using specialist brushes under a rotary machine fitted with a skirt to prevent splashes.

With the natural brick floor now stripped, Saul rinsed the floor to remove all dirt and grime. Our van-mounted machine safely extracts and removes waste water, which we take away and dispose of safely.

In just a week, the floor was fully dry. Saul returned to this Hertfordshire property to finish and protect the brick surface. First a water-based penetrating seal was applied which acts as a primer. Then a topical seal was applied which as well as protecting the bricks from future spills, has also given the floor a subtle satin sheen appropriate for this period property.

Help to maintain the stone floors in period properties

Cornwell Services clean and revive stone floors, and we also sand and refinish wooden floors. We work for both homeowners and businesses across Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and north London, from our base in Hertfordshire. Should you need a quote to keep the floors of your period property in good condition, then please get in touch with Saul at Cornwell Services on 07738 022813.