Stone floor cleaning and restoration

Natural stone floor tiles should be an asset, adding value to a property. But this does require some attention to keep stone floors clean and attractive.

Cornwell Services provides a comprehensive stone floor cleaning and restoration service for homeowners and business managers alike.

One-off floor cleaning and renovation

We are passionate about stone floor cleaning and restoration. Where the situation requires it and floors show ingrained dirt, damage and problems of age or poor installation, we can restore stone floors that otherwise might have to be replaced. We deep clean tiles, restore grout, tackle uneven surfaces and bring stone floors back to their impressive best.

Our renovation expertise covers stone floors in period properties laid with historic materials such as quarry tiles, brick or Victorian tiles. We take great care to complete a sensitive restoration in line with conservation requirements and with superb results.

Annual floor cleaning maintenance

We offer regular maintenance visits. We thoroughly clean and reseal stone floor tiles once or twice a year, or more often for heavily used areas. This ensures that tiled floors can continue to look great. It also helps to prevent the build up of dirt or problems. Maintenance visits are less costly than a full renovation. They help to ensure your floor continues to look great for the lowest possible cost.

Types of stone floor tiles we clean

We take great pride in our reputation for providing high standards of customer service and a high-level finish. These services are available for whatever the type of stone tiles in your property. We clean all types of stone flooring including marble, limestone, terracotta, travertine, quarry tiles, porcelain, brick, quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, granite, slate, Victorian tiles and flagstone.

Do you want your marble tiles restored to a high gloss, or your limestone floor restored to a scratch-free smooth matt finish? We can grind, hone and polish to make your natural stone floor look like new. We use the latest specialised powerful hi-tech equipment to remove dirt and stains. Once cleaned, to keep the dirt out we apply by hand colour-enhancing impregnator sealers. Application can be for all floors except safety flooring. This works to repel water as well as oil-based spills.

Our vast experience has allowed us the benefit of time-served knowledge. This means that we are equipped to offer unrivalled stone cleaning results with the support of incredible customer service.

Grout cleaning for ceramic tiles

Grout is porous so absorbs dirt, bacteria, dust, mould and mildew which creates the stained appearance that can be very unsightly. Using a similar process to natural stone floor cleaning, porcelain and ceramic tiles offer exceptional restoration results. We can repair damaged grout, and seal it all afterwards to help keep your tile and grout lines looking as fresh and new as the day your floor was installed.

Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Every room benefits from expert stone floor cleaning and restoration

At Cornwell Services we have renovated and cleaned stone tiles in almost every type of room in private homes, commercial premises and public buildings.

In domestic homes, tiled stone floors provide a practical and beautiful floor surface typically used in the bathroom, cloakroom and kitchen. Period properties also benefit from stone floors in their kitchens, but also in dining rooms, reception rooms and hallways where they create a sense of grandeur. The floor tiles in contemporary homes are often used throughout the entire downstairs to reflect light and emphasise the feeling of space.

Within commercial buildings tiles are an excellent solution to high traffic working zones as well as a design-must in public areas where customers demand elegance and style. Restaurants, bars and coffee shop brands incorporate tiled stone floors in their interiors. Likewise premises which need to portray absolute cleanliness, such as medical clinics, beauty salons and dentists often rely on tiled stone floors.

Whichever room you need to tackle, Cornwell Services tailor our floor cleaning service to the aesthetic of your property and your exact needs.

Amtico, Karndean, Dalsouple, Vinyl and Safety Flooring

We strip, scrub and clean all types of hard floor surface, and apply a protective seal to all except safety flooring, restoring them to a like-new appearance.

If you have any questions about our stone floor cleaning and renovation service, then please get in touch. We cover homes and business premises in Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and north London.

“Fantastic result I believe with that floor because that was absolutely awful. So, it looks almost like new, so I am very, very pleased. Thank you very much.”