Cleaning stone floors Hitchin Stone Floor Restoration HitchinDeep cleaning tiled floors demands the use of specialist products. It also needs to be combined with machinery that is capable of dealing with the challenges of stone floor cleaning. A tiled floor can look great. However, over the years from installation, it can start to deteriorate. This deterioration may be slow so is therefore a real need to be organised with regular cleaning.

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Tiled Floors

It is important that you know what type of stone floor you are dealing with. This allows you the opportunity to select an appropriate cleaning solution. Not all tile cleaning solutions work with every floor. There are some cleaning solutions that can even damage some types of flooring. Therefore, it is vital that you are confident that you are using one that is compatible with your stone floor.

It is important to test your stone floor before cleaning the entire area. This, again, will allow you confidence that you will not further damage your tiled floor.

Stone Floor Cleaning Hertfordshire Cleaning Tiled Floors HitchinCleaning stone floors can be easy once you are confident of the process. It is important not to over wet your stone floor when completing regular cleaning. This will work to deteriorate the surface finish and will likely dull the surface of your tiles. Wet mopping offers a great cleaning process, but care should be taken not to drag dirt and grime into your grout lines.

You should also be careful not to scrub at any particular stain. Scrubbing with an abrasive product or item will damage the tile’s surface. The process of stone floor restoration deep cleans and polishes the entire surface of your stone floor instead of leaving patches.

It is important that you contact your local stone floor cleaning and restoration specialist in order to gain their help. We offer great information and advice on regular care and cleaning which will mean you get more from your stone flooring. Get in touch today to request a quote on 07738 022813.