Slate Floor Cleaning Hertfordshire Slate Floor Restoration HertfordshireCleaning slate tiles offers great reward. Slate is a natural stone and therefore the process of restoration needs to be tailored. Because of the way in which slate is made up, you are not able to polish slate tiles. Most feel as though this is part of what offers slate floors part of their charm and natural beauty.

Slate Floor Facts

One of the primary benefits of slate is that it has very low porosity. Therefore, this is part of why it is so popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Further evidence of this is the fact that slate tiles are often used for roof tiles. It makes a great choice for any kitchen tiled floors or extensive tiled areas around your home. Why is this? This is because it does not stain as much as other materials.

Restoring slate tiles Hertfordshire Cleaning slate tiles HertfordshireNatural slate is typically grey in colour. However, there are many shades from very light grey to black, or even blue and green. Did you know that the colour of the slate is determined by the area from which it originates? It is important to remember that even within a quarry, slate can vary in colour.

Slate has a very low water absorption index. What does this mean? This means it is almost completely waterproof, one of the main reasons why slate is so popular. Slate is very strong, and its structural strength leads to very low water absorption.

We were asked to deep clean and restore these beautiful slate tiles. The slate floor extended through the downstairs of this home. Every stone floor needs deep cleaning and resealing. However, when homes have pets, this can often add to the deterioration of the stone’s surface finish. The products we use are pet and child friendly. The floor was left looking almost unrecognisable to when we arrived. The incredible deep colours and patterns shone through and the floor was finished with hard-wearing and durable stone sealant. Would you like to request a quote for cleaning slate tiles? Call our helpful team today on 07738 022813.