Cleaning porcelain tiles can offer the most incredible results. This particular porcelain floor has a rough texture, making it non-slip. However, this makes is more difficult to clean. Any texture makes it more of a challenge. Dirt and grime can be pushed into the grout lines during routine cleaning. It is therefore really important that you are equipped with the knowledge and information of how best to care for your porcelain floor.

Cleaning Porcelain Tiles – Making Easy Work of It

Cleaning porcelain tiles Baldock Porcelain cleaning BaldockThese clients have dogs, so the floor really takes a beating. Those who own dogs understand. Come rain or shine, dogs can carry in a host of dirt and grime in from the garden. Even the most careful homeowner will struggle with this from time to time.

Cleaning this tiled floor didn’t present much of a challenge though. Using quality professional equipment and products I applied an alkaline-based product to dissolve dirt and grease. This is then left to dwell and then agitated with a floor pad under a weighted rotary machine. Grout lines, edges and corners are brushed by hand to keep moisture away from kitchen units and skirtings.

Restoring porcelain tiles Baldock Stone cleaning BaldockIt was then rinsed under pressure and simultaneously extracted into the waste tank of the machine. This is located outside, leaving an almost dry floor. With the aid of a couple of air movers, designed to dry floors, it was soon dry enough to accept two coats of impregnating seal.

This offers incredible protection for tiled flooring. The stone cleaning and restoration process is made simpler by the use of professional, high-powered equipment. Further to this, knowledge about stone cleaning products and sealers offers reassurance to our clients. Our services are fast, efficient and comprehensive.

Our clients were delighted with the results. Many are not aware of how dirty their tiles are until they start to see the cleaning process. If you are looking for help cleaning porcelain tiles get in touch by calling 07738 022813.