Recently Cornwell Services were called upon for specialist limestone floor cleaning at a home in Hertfordshire. The property is a contemporary house with a high-end kitchen and dramatic floor to ceiling glass. This light, bright, reflective design style looks best when the floor is in impeccable condition. Unfortunately, the floor at this property was showing signs of wear and tear which the homeowner wanted to resolve. Cornwell Services were able to renovate the limestone floor tiles bringing them back to their best. Because our client needs the floor to always remain in a clean and shiny condition, we now provide regular maintenance too. Here’s the problem we faced and what we did about it.

Limestone floor cleaning in Standon, Hertfordshire

The problem – wear and tear on limestone floor tiles

The floor was looking tired with signs of normal wear and tear. It had been marked and discoloured by spills from liquids such as fruit juices and cola. The floor surface was uneven due to the way the tiles had been laid. Scratches had appeared from the movement of chairs which didn’t have protective felt pads under the legs. A few cracks could be seen across the limestone tiles and in places, the grout had failed.

The process – limestone floor cleaning and restoration

Due to the scale of the project, the initial work to clean and restore the stone floor took six days to complete. This involved:

  • Protecting kitchen units and other surfaces by masking them and refinishing the grout where necessary.
  • Removing lippage (uneven surfaces) with heavy duty metal bond diamond tooling on a 150kg machine.
  • Reducing the deep scratch patterns created from lippage removal with Stage 2 and 3 metal bond diamond tooling.
  • Reducing the scratch patterns further until the floor becomes reflective with Stages 4, 5, 6 and 7 resin bond diamonds.
  • Replicating this attention in edges and corners with smaller machinery for a totally clean and smooth floor.
  • Using high quality polishing powders under a natural hair pad on a lighter rotary machine for a high gloss shine.
  • Applying an impregnating seal to the dry limestone floor and buffing it until dry to prevent any future water and oil-based spills from penetrating the tile.

Regular limestone floor cleaning & maintenance

Once the limestone floor had been returned to a beautiful, smooth and reflective finish it’s a much simpler task to keep it this way. The client has chosen a maintenance plan which provides two visits each year. The work can be completed well within a day causing minimal disruption to the client’s home. At each visit the floor is cleaned, polished and resealed to ensure that it remains an elegant feature of this stylish home.

For details of our stone floor cleaning service please contact Saul at Cornwell Services on 07738 022813.

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