Stone Cleaning Company Hitchin Cleaning Victorian Tiles HitchinIf you are ever looking for a rewarding project, restoring Victorian tiles has to be high on your list. Our stone cleaning services take us throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and North London. So many of these places have beautiful period homes with exquisite Victorian tiled floors.

These may be tiles that clients cherish and have visible for many decades. However, there will also be some Victorian tiles that are uncovered during a restoration project. Some reveal a beautiful Victorian floor underneath while removing carpets of other floor coverings.

Specialists at Cleaning and Restoring Victorian Tiles

We always tailor our services to match the individual requirements of each project. Different tiles require varying treatment. This depends on the level of deterioration when we arrive. Furthermore, it also depends on the type of tiles we are cleaning.

Refinishing stone floors Hitchin Stone Restoration HitchinWe will always start by protecting all surrounding areas. Some tile floors may have a tile upstand or skirting that will also need cleaning. If these are not present and the stone floor has skirting, it is important to cover and mask those areas prior to the cleaning process.

The stone cleaning process then happens over a number of stages. These stages can reduce and eliminate deep scratch patterns and other damage. We heavily invest in the best-available machinery that works to deep clean and restore stone floors to the best possible finish.

It is always important that you have the right machinery to complete the project. Attention to detail is vital. This attention should be extended to all edges and corners. This will need smaller machinery but should be done in order to achieve an even and smooth finish.

We then use high quality polishing powders under a natural hair pad on a lighter rotary machine to create a high gloss shine. An impregnating seal is then applied to the dry-stone floor. Buffing it until dry prevents any future water and oil-based spills from penetrating the tile.

The process may seem complex. However, it is not. It is what we do and we take great pride in our work. If you would like to find out more about our stone restoration services, please call 07738 022813.