Hertfordshire: best time for sandstone floor cleaning Recently, Cornwell Services restored a natural sandstone floor at a private property in Shenley, Hertfordshire and the timing was perfect. Several downstairs rooms needed stone floor cleaning, including the large lounge and dining room, hall and kitchen. What was unusual was how our floor cleaning work was treated as part of the overall kitchen replacement project, making it swift and straightforward.

When is the perfect time to restore a kitchen floor?

The natural stone floor downstairs had become spoiled with ingrained dirt, which can happen over time. The client tied the work in with replacing the kitchen, so Saul at Cornwell Services restored the floor as soon as the old kitchen units had been removed and prior to the new kitchen being installed. More often, we are asked to bring existing stone floors back to their best after a new kitchen has been installed, since at this point it’s obvious it needs improvement!

It is highly unlikely that kitchen fitters would damage your newly restored floor but should this happen it is easier to put right than to risk a graze or bump from machinery to brand new units. Where property owners have the choice, we would always advocate cleaning and renovating natural stone floors when the kitchen is clear of units.

How do we clean a sandstone floor?

In each room, Saul thoroughly vacuumed the entire floor to remove any loose grit and debris. Next, he applied stripping agents to small sections of the floor at a time. This dissolved any remnants of the existing seal, along with the built up of dirt and grime.

The sandstone floor tiles were then treated to a deep clean using a heavy-duty rotary machine with specialised brushes to agitate and thoroughly scrub the floor. The slurry this creates was rinsed and removed under pressure into the machine’s waste tank.

Once the sandstone floor was completely dry, Saul applied an impregnating seal to make the floor impervious to oil and water-based spills, keeping it pristine for longer.

What regular maintenance is recommended?

To ensure the sandstone tiles stay in great condition, our client has scheduled Cornwell Services to professionally clean the floor twice each year. This regular maintenance means the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about the inevitable build-up of dirt which happens with normal use and can simply enjoy the beauty of the natural stone each and every day.

Need help with stone floor cleaning?

Cornwell Services clean and restore tiled stone floors, and we sand and refinish wooden floors for homeowners and businesses. We are based in Hertfordshire and also cover the neighbouring areas of Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and north London. Please contact Saul on 07738 022813.

Hertfordshire best time for sandstone floor cleaning
Hertfordshire best time for sandstone floor cleaning