Wood Floor Restoration Bishops Stortford

Wood floor restoration services are vast. They cover all aspects of wood floor care from cleaning to full sanding and restoration. When we complete a survey, we ask a range of questions in order to get an understanding of our clients needs. It is important that you do not complete unnecessary work.

Why is this?

Firstly, it will add to the cost of the restoration project. Furthermore, a wood floor is not limitless. There are only a number of times that a wood floor can be sanded and restored. Therefore, if you complete unnecessary work, you may then get to a point where you will need to complete full replacement instead of restoration.

Wonderful Wood Floor Restoration

We work to earn our client’s custom for life. Therefore, we will always adapt a plan that best suits your needs. How might you know that your wood floors need restoring? Once your wood floor has been installed, it will experience wear and use. This will start to deteriorate. This deterioration depends on the level of use but will steadily happen over time. There are definite signs that your wood floors need restoring. These may include:

  • A dull or dirty appearance
  • A discoloured appearance
  • Flaky surface coatings

We offer a cost-effective floor sanding provision. Our experience in the trade allows us the in-depth knowledge of the best products to use. This really does make the difference for exceptional results. The science behind wood products really has come on so much in the recent years. It is important to continually learn about new product formulations. We will always offer tailored advice to our clients to ensure the best results as well as providing cost-effective solutions.

We use a dustless sanding system in order to minimise disruption and mess created from the sanding process. If you would like to find out more about our wood floor restoration services, please call 07738 022813 today.