Wood floor sanding has come on so much in recent years. The old, traditional methods are no more and instead we are now equipped with modern technology and incredible products. Product formulations for wood floors are really important. Why? Once your wood floors have been sanded, they will be further protected by a wood finish. A really high-quality wood finish will leave your floors in their best condition for longer. They will be better equipped to deal with daily wear and tear and any possible spillages.

Therefore, there is no sense in cutting corners. The fact that there are incredibly, high-quality finishes that are cost-effective is brilliant. We are always on hand to offer information and advice in relation to which finish you should select. As with so many other things, you get what you pay for.

Wood Floor Sanding Project Little Hadham

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We were recently asked to help sand and restore this worn and tired-looking wood floor in Little Hadham near Bishops Stortford. The floor was 16 plus years old and was in great need of refinishing. I began by thoroughly vacuuming the entire floor to remove any grit and debris. This is a really important part of the process as it means that no grit and debris is left which can damage the surface during sanding.

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Then, I sanded it, taking care to remove only what was necessary to remove of the old finish and get it flat. Using progressively finer grit papers to remove the scratch pattern from the coarser grit papers until I could use the sawdust mixed with a special filler to fill the gaps between the boards.

The final sanding then followed until it was ready to apply the primer plus two coats of commercial grade lacquer. The client was overjoyed with the results. They were left with an incredibly hard-wearing wood floor that looked just as beautiful as the day it was laid.

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