Sanding parquet floors can offer some of the most incredible results. The process can offer some challenges. However, with great challenge comes great reward. Some individuals like the thought of DIY floor sanding. Although there is a host of information online about sanding wooden floors. It is important that if you wish to undertake a project yourself that you invest a lot of time into gaining as much information and advice as possible.

DIY Sanding Parquet Floors

We were asked to restore this parquet floor after the owners had attempted to sand it themselves. Unfortunately, they had caused a fair amount of damage to it by way of deep drum marks everywhere. The level of damage caused can dictate the overall success that can be achieved. A wood floor can only be sanded a certain number of times in its life. This shows how important it is to get the sanding process correct. If you take too much from the surface, you will reduce the number of times it can be sanded. If you take too little, you are likely to leave visible damage.

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We began by sanding it flat and removing the deep marks. This was a lengthy process due to the amount of material I had to remove. Further sanding passes were done with progressively finer grit papers were to remove the scratch patterns created by the stock removal process.

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Parquet flooring in particular can offer more challenges than other wood floors. The individual boards need to be checked prior to starting the floor sanding process. If there are any loose boards, these can become more damaged when sanding. It is important not to create further work. Therefore, time invested into the preparation process really does pay dividends.

Once we were satisfied that there were no visible scratches anywhere, we applied a specialised oil. This is mixed with a hardener to speed up the curing process. We then buffed away any excess which left the floor looking beautiful. The client was overjoyed with the results.

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