We are often asked questions in relation to our dustless floor sanding process. It is important that our clients feel they can approach us to ask any questions they may have. We have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.

Floor sanding RoystonHow does dustless floor sanding work?

The process works using advanced machinery that has integrated filtration systems. While the machinery works to sand your floors, the dust produced is vacuumed away into a sophisticated filtration system. Traditionally, this dust would have been propelled into the surrounding air and settle throughout the space being sanded. As the dust and particles are vacuumed with the new process, it makes it easy to dispose of them.

Is the process really dustless?

Although the machinery is labelled ‘dustless’, this does not mean that it is entirely that. However, the machinery captures over 99% of dust. Therefore, it is proven to be significantly better than the traditional methods. Another benefit of this is that the visibility to the sander is not impeded. Having a clearer view ensures a superior finish.

Is it more environmentally friendly?

Yes. Significantly less dust and particles are emitted into the environment. Therefore, this is certainly more friendly to the environment. Disposal of the dust collected should be handled carefully.

Can you use dustless floor sanding on any floor?

Dustless floor sanding is compatible with most types of wood floors. However, there are certain factors that determine their compatibility. Engineered wood flooring which may have a thinner veneer may not be suitable for dustless floor sanding. Your chosen professional floor sander will be able to offer information and advice in relation to this.

Amazingly, the technology continues to evolve. We hope to see innovations making the process even more efficient and eco-friendly. Manufacturers are working on machines to make them quieter, consume less power, and are lighter. This makes the project easier for skilled technicians.

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