Patio stone floor cleaning in Shenley It comes as no surprise that stone floor cleaning outdoors follows a similar process to floor cleaning indoors, with some subtle differences. In this case study, Saul at Cornwell Services was asked to clean the granite tiles at this beautifully landscaped contemporary garden in Shenley, Hertfordshire.

The area included a large raised patio seating area with views across the garden, different levels and zones, steps and paths around the property. The main material used in this exterior stone floor is sleek, pale grey, granite stone tiles edged with contrasting red brick.  Granite is a premium paving material often chosen for its elegance. As well as crisp aesthetics, granite is extremely durable.

Exterior stone floor cleaning to remove algae

The patios and pathways had been installed two years previously. In that time, being exposed to the elements meant that algae and lichen had begun to affect the condition of the stone flooring.

When you look at these photographs of the work in progress you can clearly see how the granite floor has become tarnished with a build-up of algae which makes the tiles appear grubby, darker and less light-reflective. Where the stone tiles have been cleaned the look is lighter and far more visually appealing.

Outdoor floor cleaning process

The process began with a thorough vacuum of the granite floor to eradicate loose debris, leaves and dirt. Then an algae-removing stone floor cleaning agent was applied to the tiled granite floor, working in sections. This works to neutralise and kill the algae growth. Next the stone patio and walkways were scrubbed clean with a powerful rotary machine and specialist brushes. This equipment agitates the floor’s surface to remove dirt. Finally, the floor is rinsed, with slurry extracted to the machine’s waste tank. This ensures that dirty water does not impact the planting or grass.

Unlike indoor floors where an impregnating seal is normally applied, this outdoor floor was not sealed since it is prone to algae. In this case, a seal is not recommended because it is more effective to clean and kill the algae and lichen growth each year.

Annual exterior stone floor cleaning maintenance

The homeowner decided to use the Cornwell Services maintenance programme, getting the granite patio professionally cleaned once each year. This will ensure that the algae will be removed along with any dirt and grime, ensuring these granite tiles retain their strong aesthetic. The property owner can relax and enjoy their outdoor space with this added reassurance.

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Patio stone floor cleaning in Shenley
Patio stone floor cleaning in Shenley
Patio stone floor cleaning in Shenley