Deep Cleaning Stone Floors Royston Tile Cleaning Company RoystonWhen you are deep cleaning stone floors, there are many different elements that you need to consider. There are a huge variety of different issues that can cause unsightly tiles. There are also different approaches that can be taken in order to restore the tiles.

Different products offer varying results. Knowledge of the products is imperative in order to select the ones that will best aid the process. While the correct products can offer incredible results, this does not mean that there isn’t hard work involved.

Deep Cleaning Stone Floors – The Challenge of a Flagstone Floor

We take great pride in our work. This was a particularly challenging project. This flagstone floor is located in a former forge, built in 1818. Over the many years, it had an unsightly shiny black resin applied. After discussions with our client, it was decided that we would strip the old surface product and reseal the stone floor.

Stone Cleaners RoystonWe do not shy away from hard work. We could envision the end result and therefore applied our knowledge and skillset to provide our client with the best possible results. There is great reward in treating stone floors such as this. The floors themselves are steeped in history and deserve to be carefully restored.

As you can probably imagine the resin product offered a real challenge to fully remove. However, once stripped back, you could see the natural beauty of the tile’s underneath. There is no better motivation! Our clients were clearly ecstatic with the results. Having flagstone flooring and knowing it was laid in 1818 offers a real statement for any home. Furthermore, it adds unrivalled character.

We are specialist stone cleaning and stone restoration experts. We draw on our time-served experience in order to achieve the best results for our clients. Your stone flooring is left looking great, with a hardwearing and natural finish. Get in touch to request a stone floor cleaning quote on 07738 022813.