Encaustic tiled floor cleaning in Stanstead EssexAll hard floors need expert attention from time to time. If despite your best efforts at maintaining a clean floor, your floor tiles have become grubby, then it’s time to get a little professional help. Recently, Saul at Cornwell Services helped a homeowner in Stanstead, Essex with straightforward floor cleaning that returned the encaustic tiled floor to ‘just like new’ appearance.

What are encaustic tiles?

Encaustic tiles are patterned tiles made in a specific way. With ceramic tiles the pattern is created by applying a glaze to the surface of the tile. The pattern on encaustic tiles isn’t a coloured glaze, instead it’s made from different colours of clay, so the design runs through the tile. Encaustic tiles are hugely popular and come in modern, bold geometric designs as well as heritage patterns and intricate designs that appear inlaid.

What floor cleaning was needed?

A dramatic encaustic tiled floor had been laid throughout the property owner’s kitchen, cloakroom and dining room. Over time the tiles showed the dirt and grout lines looked grubby. Attempts to maintain the floor had simply led to seals being repeatedly applied over insufficiently cleaned tiles, trapping the dirt.

How were the floor tiles cleaned?

Saul stripped the previous seals that had sealed dirt residues within their layers. Thankfully modern seals are designed to be easily removed with the correct strippers without having to use products which can be dangerous to health and the environment. Cornwell Services goes to great lengths to source and use products which do a great job, are safe to use and have minimal impact on the environment.

Once stripped, the old seal and dirt was rinsed away into the waste tank of our machine and the floor’s Ph level was neutralised. Air movers rapidly dried the floor in readiness for the application of a new seal. In most cases, a return visit to apply the seal is required due to the time it takes for a floor to thoroughly dry. In this situation, the work to the whole ground floor was scheduled whilst the owners were away on holiday giving ample time to apply the seal.

The homeowner was absolutely delighted with the results. Their tiled kitchen floor, cloakroom and dining room floor now look like new once more after a relatively simple cleaning process.

Need help with stone floor cleaning?

Cornwell Services are a Hertfordshire-based business and we cover Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and north London. We clean and restore tiled stone floors and sand and refinish wooden floors for homeowners and businesses. Please contact Saul on 07738 022813.

Tiled floor cleaning photos – before and after

Tiled Floor Cleaning - BeforeTiled Floor Cleaning - After