Flagstone floor cleaning EssexDeep cleaning stone floors is a satisfying experience. The professional stone floor cleaning service we provide allows us to reveal the inherent good looks of natural stone floors which may have been dulled over time. Often with dramatic results as years of ingrained dirt and stains are removed. Cornwell Services recently cleaned and sealed this flagstone floor at an impressive property near Stanstead in Essex. So why is flagstone so popular as a floor covering and how can it be deep cleaned when it’s no longer in pristine condition?

Six benefits of natural flagstone flooring

Our ancestors weren’t daft when they chose flagstone floors for the properties they built. The flagstone floors found in period properties show just how durable these floors can be. Typically, they were chosen for areas with high footfall such as hallways and kitchens. Today, flagstones provide a welcoming aesthetic in any room.

  1. Flagstones are extremely hard-wearing and practical.
  2. They provide a range of natural warm hues to choose from.
  3. Flagstones can be safely used in interiors due to the non-slip properties of their textured riven or tumbled surface.
  4. This natural stone offers flexibility in design, with options for size, shape and depth of the flagstones used.
  5. Floors laid with a random pattern of tile sizes and shapes instantly create a traditional, heritage ambiance.
  6. Flagstones can be used for both interior and exterior flooring for a continuous flow.

Natural stone has enduring appeal. It only needs a little bit of care to keep it clean every day. Regular deep cleaning by a professional is recommended.

Six steps we take when flagstone floor cleaning

The stunning flagstone floor in this Stanstead property had become grubby and marked over time. The floor had spots of emulsion paint which had accidentally splattered when the walls had been painted. The floor around the fireplace was marked and some of the flagstones and mortar joints were discoloured and stained.

Here’s what Cornwell Services do to deep clean a flagstone floor like this.

  1. Prepare: Cupboards and fittings are first masked to protect from splashes
  2. Vacuum: The floor is thoroughly vacuumed to remove all dust and debris
  3. Strip: Previous seals and coatings are removed from the surface of the flagstones
  4. Deep clean: Flagstones are intensively scrubbed with specialist rotary machines until we are satisfied that the floor is completely clean.
  5. Rinse: The floor is rinsed with all wet slurry extracted to our van-mounted waste tank
  6. Seal: An impregnating seal is applied to the clean, dry floor to protect against the ingress of oil and water-based spills in future.

One phone call away

Restoring and cleaning the flagstone floors in your business premises or home is simpler than you might believe. Cornwell Services are a Hertfordshire-based business and we cover Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and north London. With our training, specialist products and equipment we can solve all sorts of cleaning puzzles and bring natural tiled stone floors and wooden floors back to excellent condition. The feedback we get from our customers the most frequently is: “I wish I’d done this before”. Please contact Saul on 07738 022813.

Flagstone floor cleaning Essex before
Flagstone floor cleaning Essex after